Mechanical Shift of Rotovator

Manufacturing of the SN Series Manual Scroll Rotovators, suspension type and tail shaft of the tractor working width movement received from their technical equipments. Prepared to crops in open fields of corn, wheat , beet, area's of citrus fruit and their place in the preparation of anchors, six trees, vineyards, such as between the field structure used for according to the manual settings can be made. Tractors manufactured in 4 sizes according to horse power.

Model weight (kg) Riding Depth(mm) Number of blades Power(Hp)
SN 1350 370 200 30 30-45
SN 1600 420 200 36 35-55
SN 1850 450 200 42 50-70
SN 2100 480 200 48 65-90

Norm is TS EN ISO 9001:2000 in our products.