Dal ve Sap Parçalama Makinası

DP flail mowes are driven by the tractor power takeoff unit and connected to it with three point hitch system.DP flail mowers take 540 rpm power from tractor and increase it 1800 rpm by using a gearbox and a belt pulley sytem.DP flail mowers can easily cut the stalks of the plants such as wheatş sunflower, cotton, unshelled rice,tobacco and thicket and the branches of the pruned fruit trees and vine shots performs the recycling of them as organic filtilizer.

Model Weight (kg) Dış Genişlik(cm) External Width(cm) Number of blades Power(Hp)
DP 1600 595 1740 1600 16 40-70
DP 1800 615 1940 1800 18 40-70
DP 2000 635 2140 2000 20 50-70