Hydraulic Shift of Rotovator

Manufacturing of the SN series hydraulic our scroll Rotovators, suspension type and chassis length axis of tractor with hydraulic lift, tractors hydraulic system works with will take actions. Tractors with 540 rpm of the tail shaft speed is set according to the clutch and the clutch shaft is mounted with the tractor. Field is used mainly fruit, nuts, olive groves, the hydraulic system, such as land passes from under the trees quickly scroll through system allows you to make a better transitions. Shift during the move does not change the smoothness of the shaft. Tractors manufactured in 3 sizes according to horse power.

Model Weight (kg) Sliding Depth (mm) Inside Width(mm) Number of blades Power (Hp)
HS 1600 420 200 1500 36 35-55
HS 1850 450 200 1750 42 50-70
HS 2100 480 200 2000 48 65-90